My Goa story – The Beginning

Everyone dreams of having at least one trip to Goa with their friends no matter what. The planning begins right when you’re done with school and goes on and on but for most of us the trip never happens.Its GOA…obviously the concern of our parents reaches the stars at the slightest mention of the beautiful place as it’s reputation is not that great when it comes to drugs, alcohol and nightlife.When you see the pictures of your other classmates or friends, the longing grows even more than ever.

Even for me, the journey wasn’t easy. It all began during the month of May, 2016 when my best friend told me about the planning of the Goa trip. All I wanted was to go with them and make the most of my time there. I had already started imagining myself at those beautiful beaches of Goa, happiest that I could ever be. But, convincing my parents wasn’t an easy task, infact those 2 days of convincing them were the most difficult and impossible ones.At one point, I even thought that all my dreams would be shattered…BUT..somehow I got lucky.

Our journey began on the 31st of May, from Mumbai. Our entire trip wasn’t an easy one. It was full of hurdles and adventure at every step of it. Me and my 5 friends, full of enthusiasm and excitement, finally fulfilling the long-awaited trip of Goa that most of the teenagers could only dream of, landed in Goa at 8:30 in the morning. We had booked a family room at Nazri Resort, located 5 mins away from the Baga beach. All tired and sleepy, we reached the hotel at 10 and our check in was at 2 pm which left us with four hours where every minute felt like a lifetime and we were stuck without a room with 6 exhausted youngsters all craving for a bed to sleep. Well, the good thing about the resort was that they very politely allowed us to use the pool and that was how we passed our time there.
When we finally got the room, that feeling of satisfaction was priceless. After satisfying our sleeping needs, we went for a walk through the Titos lane, to the beach and the feeling that came along while taking each and every step forward was amazing. The satisfaction that came along with the first touch of the waves at your feet was a Kick in itself. Our first day at Goa just went by leaving us happy and excited for what the next day might bring for us.

Keep reading for the next part of My Goa Story. Coming soon.

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