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10 Reasons why Travelling with your BFF is the best thing ever…

Travelling is something where the companion is important for your trip to be successful and hassle free. We have our families, our friends, colleagues as our travel companions. Sometimes our wishes match and sometimes they don’t. What can be more worse than going on a trip and not getting to do the things you actually want to OR doing the things that you don’t want to. But, do you know who is your best travel companion ? Your BFF 💕

Someone who shares the same ideas and wants to do the same kind of things that you want to is your perfect partner. We’ve always made bucket lists that we want to do with our BFFs. Having that kind of energy when you’re together will make your trip the most memorable one.

1. Doing uncommon things at common places

My experience of Travelling with my BFF has been the best. Even though we visited the most common places , but doing uncommon things made our trip successful and full of memories to last for a lifetime. We can have fun even without doing anything and that is the kind of bond you want to have with your travel partner.

2. You don’t need a group , your BFF is more than enough

How many times have you made plans with your group only to be cancelled at the end? Well, DITCH the group, Take your best friend and just GO..

Visiting Della Adventures was on our list since a long time and finally we made it happen. Although , it is a destination to be visited in groups , but for us, we both were enough and trust me, you don’t need a group to go and have fun. Just take your Best Friend and make that pending trip happen. For us, the entire day at the adventure park was a package full of adventure, adrenaline and a lot of bad jokes 😝. From dog walking to flying in the air ( literally) , we enjoyed our company more than the activities there :p

3. You can do the weirdest of things when together

Our BFFs don’t judge when we do stupid things , and doing weird and off beat things while Travelling is something that we’ve always wanted to do.Who would’ve thought that having a hot cup of coffee while having a bubble bath would be a thing ? Sounds fun right ?


4. You both share tons of inside jokes

Travelling with your BFF while also Travelling in a group is of equal fun. Giving each other that look when someone is being annoying , looking at each other and knowing what the other one is mentally telling you , Laughing at your inside jokes while the entire group is unaware of the reason for your laughter is in itself the best feeling ever .


5. You can always twin together and stand out from the rest

Twinning with your BFF is a fun thing to do especially when you’re Travelling, since you’ll not only stand out from the rest , but also you can have an entire #BFFGoals photoshoot of you both doing fancy things together and giving everyone major BEST FRIEND TRAVELLING GOALS.


6. You have your personal photographer with you

Do you always ask your BFF before posting a picture on Instagram ? Share travel pictures to show them the kind of frame you want ? Your best friend is the one that can go to any limits to get that perfect instagram worthy shot of you. Travelling with them gives you the plus point of not only getting your pics clicked , but also , feeling that moment of pride after clicking amazing shots of them.


7. It’s like Travelling with your personal stylist

The most confusing thing for us these days is choosing our outfits. Having your very own stylist with you while Travelling , who is also your best friend is more than one could ask for.

8. You have your mother, sister and best friend, ALL IN ONE.

BFFs take care of us in the most special ways. Sometimes like a Mother, sometimes like an elder sister and most of the time The Typical overprotective Best Friend. So, when Travelling with them , you don’t have to worry about anything. Be it your safety or your health, they will always take care of you.


9. What is HER’s is MINE too

Remember the first rule of being BFFs ? What is yours is automatically Mine as well. You can always share your things and pack accordingly. This way you both have the chance of packing extra clothes since you can save a lot of space.

10. You’re having SLEEPOVERS on your entire trip

Sleepovers with our Best Friend’s are always fun. No Sleepover is similar to the previous one and that’s the special power that we have. We can always find new things to do on our every sleepover. Imagine having such sleepovers on your entire vacation. They’re like the whipped cream on a glass full of heavenly chocolate milkshake.

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