A Little Adventure is all you need…

Most of our lives are spent dreaming about visiting all the amazing places all over the world and doing all the adventure worthy stuff that we’ve been making a list of. But then, We grow up and LIFE happens. In between our college, work, family, we often become so stressed that we forget living a little.Even when we’re caught up with stress, doing what we like will actually balance things in our life. After all, we have only one life and giving a priority to oneself is essential at times.Our life should be full of adventure.

We are often so busy in our lives that we forget to do things which might actually make us happy. Even the smallest of our wishes, no matter how weird or crazy, gives us the adrenaline when fulfilled. Sometimes we should go the extra mile, turn a little selfish and make our wishes come true.

You should make a list of all the weird things that you would want to try atleast once in your life, it can be anything. Any random thought that crosses your mind and makes you think that you would wanna do it . There shouldn’t be any limit on the amount of craziness that it includes. It can vary from being a simple wish such as having hot tea whilst standing in the heavy pouring rain or a crazy one like, cliff jumping or deep sea diving. Take a break once in a while and make that solo trip happen, Go for a trek, volunteer for an NGO, plan a bachelor’s trip, live with the nature. Even the simplest job of making a person smile or complimenting a random stranger can be a part of that list. Doing so, will not only make you happy and soulful, it will give your life a different meaning. Taking a few risks is always worthy than living a life that will make you regret your choices when you’re 80.Make your life worth living while you still have the chance to do it.

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