My Goa Story – The Adventure

The second day, the day where our journey had just begun. Any other person would visit Goa with the thought of visiting the very famous beaches like Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, Ashwin and many more. But for us it was a different story. Thankfully I have adventurous friends, who, just like me, didn’t want to do the basic and were ready to take that extra mile to experience something out of the blue and extra ordinary. Thanks to a post by about the hidden beaches of Goa that we were able to experience the most exciting adventure of our trip there.

We decided to visit Cola beach, which is situated in the Southern part of Goa and was around 2.5 hours from our resort. It wasn’t long before we were on our way, our first official day in Goa, ready to explore and excited to see what the hidden beaches had to offer us. Our journey began at around 2 in the afternoon and it surely was a little late as our destination was too far. As every group has a GPS member, even we had one and we were entirely depended on him to take us to our destination. Those fun car rides, singing on the top of our voices was a cherry on the cake. After almost 2 hours of driving when there was no sign of a beach being anywhere near us, we were a little skeptical about continuing our journey but then why give up after putting so much effort. So, we continued. And as the place got nearer, the vibe changed.

Picture credits: Disha Chandreja

Beautiful Zig-Zag ghats , with the view of the deep blue sea shining so bright that it made us forget all the disappointment that we were feeling not long ago. The refreshing vibe that the sea has, immediately made us all excited about going to the beach and zooming into the view that we could now see from the top.

As soon as the GPS showed that we had reached our destination we were all very disappointed as all we could see was a beautiful sea but from the top of a cliff. And we couldn’t see anyway of going down there and having a bath in those beautiful blue waters. But, we didn’t give up. Lucky for us , we found a local and from his knowledge we were able to locate the narrow steep road that went down to the beach. Well, it surely didn’t look easy and it was the most adrenaline rushing experience that I’ve ever experienced. We all decided to go in groups as it was a lot more riskier than it looked. One wrong step and we would go falling right down from the cliff without any people around to help us recover. The journey began, the road was rocky and slippery. All my friends were down within a span of 15 mins as I decided on staying right up there and here I was with my brother, at the top of the road, watching them all have fun and the urge to go down was more than ever. All I wanted to do was overcome my fear of heights and I thought the only time to do it is NOW…


Picture credits: Disha Chandreja

Gathering all the courage that I had in myself i took small steps along with my brother, both of us helping each other. The road down there was muddy and slippery. Somehow we got down and the moment I was at the beach I felt like I had accomplished a milestone in my life. The beach was one of the most beautiful beaches that I had ever seen in my life with the waters so clear and the sand so soft. It was HEAVEN.


Picture credits: Disha Chandreja

One more interesting part of the scenery was, that it also had a secret lagoon right opposite the sea. On one side, were the rough waves crashing on the shore and on the other side was a calm and still lagoon sitting right there enjoying the sound that the sea made. It made us fall in love with the place even more than before.


Picture credits: Disha Chandreja

The sunset vibes were coming in , which was a signal for us to make our move from the place. With a lot of struggle we made it down and now was the time when we had to put in double efforts to climb all the way up to the cliff. Team work and unity was what we learnt while climbing up. All of us had to co-ordinate because if even one of us lost balance, all of us went down together. Finally, after reaching the top we were proud to say that WE MADE IT…

Not many of us would think that a trip to Goa with friends would turn into such an exciting journey that you would want more and more of it. Although our journey was difficult , but in the end it was all worth it. And no one would ever regret spending these 4-5 hours of travelling for the view which was all worth in the end. I think that any other teenager would prefer hours of partying and clubbing rather than investing this time in exploring a place which you weren’t even sure existed or not. I wouldn’t ever exchange these moments for anything else in the world.

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