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10 Reasons why Travelling with your BFF is the best thing ever…

Travelling is something where the companion is important for your trip to be successful and hassle free. We have our families, our friends, colleagues as our travel companions. Sometimes our wishes match and sometimes they don't. What can be more worse than going on a trip and not getting to do the things you actually… Continue reading 10 Reasons why Travelling with your BFF is the best thing ever…


Taking off @ CAFE RUNWAY

Do you like Airports ? The sudden feeling of happiness and excitement that we get when we're at the airport ? Well, then you'll surely love this newly opened Airport themed cafe called Cafe Runway. It is located at Shimpoli Road, Borivali West, Mumbai. The bright colourful vibes radiate from the entire cafe and to… Continue reading Taking off @ CAFE RUNWAY


The Pink City at its Best

Visiting Jaipur has been one of my most productive and satisfying trip, every major attraction , ranging from Tourist attractions to the local ones have been covered extensively. The pleasure of exploring a place along with a best friend and some local friends resulted in some offbeat adventures and a lot of fun. My favourite… Continue reading The Pink City at its Best

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How I met My Armaan ❤️

How do you feel when you've wished for something since so long, and those wishes are turned into a Reality and everything feels like a dream and you're not sure if it actually happened or not. Well, something exactly like this happened with me recently. My 22nd birthday was upcoming and my family kept asking… Continue reading How I met My Armaan ❤️