Latenight thoughts

Lifeless Hearts

An empty street, a lonely house

A bundle of adventure and a fearless tiger.

Here she was, exploring through the dark empty halls.


image source: Google

As silent as it was, she could hear her heartbeat.

A presence felt, more than once

And everytime, the stray dog barked.

Burning inside her with the intensity of the biggest star

The thunderstorms and the wild showers,

Failed to extinguish the raging fire.

Locked inside a room, was once a poor soul, with the hope of gold

Looking at her, he felt a pain

Still wandering through the doors, wishing his heart would beat again.

Curiosity in her eyes, she could feel his presence

The lightening struck and the old house shivered.

On the floor she lay, as cold as ice.

Image source: Google

Two souls were now united

Lifeless hearts, yet they beat for each other.

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