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The Adventures of Rishikesh

In my last article I shared about the places to eat in Rishikesh, and today, I’ll be sharing the places that one can explore when in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh, although occupies a very small geographical area, is diverse in a lot of aspects which makes it one of the most fun places to explore in India. There are so many places to see and things to do,  in and around Rishikesh. You wont even realise how fast your days pass while exploring and living there. If you want the best experience of exploring Rishikesh, then its the best if you do it as a Local.

Here are the places which i explored on my trip to Rishikesh.

1. Neelkanth Waterfall Trek

I was visiting Rishikesh for a course and on the first day of the course, we all went for the Neelkanth waterfall Trek. It’s a 30-40 minute climb till the waterfall. The climb was easy and any beginner could easily complete it. When we finally reached the top, the cold water of the waterfall was like a gift to us during the extremely scorching heat and it was a fun time showering in the cold water.


2. Parmarth Niketan

The iconic Ganga Aarti takes place here, at Parmarth Niketan. People from all over come here just to attend and feel the vibes of the Aarti by the Holy Ganga River. Also, the beautiful statue of Lord Shiva resides here.

The lanes of Parmarth also have a range of nice restaurants and a wide variety of shops for shopping’s of all kind. One can explore this place as a local, have some local chat and indulge on their freshly baked Desi Cookies.

3. Ganga Beach

The very famous Ganga Beach is also located just 5 mins away from Parmarth Niketan, towards Ram Jhula. The sand here is so clean and white, also the view of Ram Jhula from here is worth watching.

Spending time by the beach and watching the sun set over Ram Jhula is a great way to spend your evenings here relaxing. If you prefer less people around you then I would recommend you to visit this place during the morning since it isn’t crowded.

4. Lakshman Jhula

Lakshman Jhula is one of the most busiest places in Rishikesh. It’s the most popular bridge there. One can just go there, explore the lanes of Lakshman Jhula since it has some of the best stuff if you want to go shopping.


Some of the best cafes of Rishikesh are located around Lakshman Jhula. Their markets have everything ranging from amazing street food, good cafes, clothing, accessories and also different types of Rudraksha and other antiques. Beware of the monkeys, there are too many of them and they’re quite famous for snatching things off your hands, especially food.


5. Ganga Beach (Near Neelkanth, Phoolchatti Cremation Ghat)

If you want to spend sometime by yourself , then this Ganga Beach is for you. Located a little away from Rishikesh, on the roads of Neelkanth, is this beautiful secluded beach with amazing views of the mountains on both the sides and clear chilling Ganga River right in the middle. The sound of the river flowing , without any other noise around is one of the best feelings.


Some of the Rafting starts from here but mostly it is quite silent and empty. You can drive here by Scooty, which is the best and the most convenient way to travel there.

There’s also a small stall there which sells refreshments including Maggie 😍.

This place is one of my most favourite places in Rishikesh and the vibes that this place radiates is peaceful and comforting on some other level. If you’re in Rishikesh, do make time for this beach without any second thoughts.

6. River Rafting

One of the best experiences of my life , River Rafting is a must if you’re in Rishikesh. Rafting through the Rapids , in the cold river is an adrenaline rushing activity that will surely give you those chills. The feeling of Rafting in the Holy Ganga, while shouting slogans on the top of your voice, with an awesome background all the way is heavenly.

I definitely felt a little nervous at first, but once we crossed the first Rapid, i didn’t want it to end. Overcome your fears and just DO IT. There comes a point after the Rapids where you have to jump off a cliff and if you have a fear of heights then you should definitely do it. This point is also called as the Maggie point . The feeling of having hot fresh Maggie and Tea while sitting in your raft is the best.

7. Art of Living Ashram, Sheesham Jhaadi

The Ganga ghat near the Art of Living Ashram is the BEST. Just visit the Ashram along with the Ganga Ashram , which is just at the end of the pathway and sit on the Ganga Ghat and feel the vibes there. No other Ghat tops this. We explored a number of Ghats in Rishikesh, but this one is totally different.

There’s a long pathway outside the ashram where you can take walks and just look at the amazing view in front of you. Also, this is this perfect place to have your Ganga bath. There are a lot of rocks and the flow of the river is just perfect enough for the bath.

The Ashram has rooms as well and if you’re visiting the ashram then make sure to have atleast one of your day’s meal there.

8. Temples at Lakshman Jhula

There are a few temples in the lanes of Lakshman Jhula and they have some very amazing views of the surrounding area. We explored this temple there and were astonished to see the view that was right in front of us. The temple has a lot to explore and one could just go there and relax in the breathtaking views of our flowing Ganga River.

We couldn’t explore some of the very important and exciting places there such as the Beatles Ashram, Beatles Cafe, Vashishta Caves And also the Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat. Would surely explore these places on our next trip to Rishikesh.

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