The Pink City at its Best

Visiting Jaipur has been one of my most productive and satisfying trip, every major attraction , ranging from Tourist attractions to the local ones have been covered extensively. The pleasure of exploring a place along with a best friend and some local friends resulted in some offbeat adventures and a lot of fun. My favourite one from the trip is definitely the Sunrise at Nahargarh Fort followed by climbing to the top of someplace from where we witnessed the panoramic view of the Amer fort .

So our day began at 5:00 am, when we sneaked out of the house and began our journey to the Nahargarh Fort. We reached there by 5:45 and then began our excitement of witnessing the ever so famous Nahargarh Fort , in its best form in the early hours of the day, waiting for Mr.Sun to come and say Hi. We sat there, in the dark peaceful atmosphere, shivering in the extreme cold weather , enjoying the company and silence, just waiting for the sunrise to happen. At around 6:15 the sky began showing different shades of colours combining the sky and the light rays of sun. In every minute the sky kept changing its colours and there we were sat, enjoying the peaceful process of nature. How beautiful is it , to experience something as simple as a sunrise, and to observe every minute of its process in its natural form, right in front of your eyes.


Finally , around 6:40 we could see proper orange rays of the sun, emerging from the horizon and the atmosphere became so happy , although no one expressed it , but the vibes completely changed. The cold went away, and the light warmth of the sun fell upon us.


We left from the fort and were now headed to a place called the Sagar lake. There was a long series of steps that we climbed to witness the panoramic view of the beautiful Amer Fort and the sunrise right beside it. Although, climbing the steps early in the morning , with the dogs running behind us was an adventure in itself, the feeling of reaching the top is something I will never forget. The aura that the place had was something else. The amazing view of the sun made me realise how under appreciated our Nature is.




Our next stop was the famous Samrat restaurant , located right in the middle of Bapu Bazaar. Famous amongst the locals as well as the tourists, the Kachori and Samosas were a Hit. I wasn’t a huge fan of Kachoris but I couldn’t say the same thing after I was done eating 1 entire Kachori. Well, if you want to know what the fuss is about then don’t miss out on this place , I’m sure you’ll be satisfied just like I was.

While along our way , we had also visited Panna Meena ka Kund, a huge step well located not too far from the Sagar lake.


Our entire journey , since the morning was productive and blissful. From experiencing a full fledged sunrise, to the panoramic views of Amer fort, to having the most delicious Kachoris, our day was complete right at 9am in the morning with exploring some of the best places of the Pink City.

If you want to make the most and best of Jaipur, then you should definitely try this experience once.

Note: Please travel in groups while exploring these places during the morning.

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