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The Adventures of Rishikesh

In my last article I shared about the places to eat in Rishikesh, and today, I'll be sharing the places that one can explore when in Rishikesh. Rishikesh, although occupies a very small geographical area, is diverse in a lot of aspects which makes it one of the most fun places to explore in India.… Continue reading The Adventures of Rishikesh

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5 Best places for a Foodie in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a land of diversity and it serves justice to its title of being the Yoga Capital of India. It has a lot of variety in every aspect. Be it adventure sports , beaches, hostels , Ashrams or the places to explore and eat at. When it comes to food , Rishikesh is no less than a heaven for food lovers.

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10 Reasons why Travelling with your BFF is the best thing ever…

Travelling is something where the companion is important for your trip to be successful and hassle free. We have our families, our friends, colleagues as our travel companions. Sometimes our wishes match and sometimes they don't. What can be more worse than going on a trip and not getting to do the things you actually… Continue reading 10 Reasons why Travelling with your BFF is the best thing ever…