Taking off @ CAFE RUNWAY

Do you like Airports ? The sudden feeling of happiness and excitement that we get when we’re at the airport ? Well, then you’ll surely love this newly opened Airport themed cafe called Cafe Runway. It is located at Shimpoli Road, Borivali West, Mumbai.

The bright colourful vibes radiate from the entire cafe and to add more , there’s a wall sticker of the World Map. The airport feels will make you want to extend your time there.


The cafe also has a Mini Runway giving more to the Airport look of it . One thing that I absolutely loved was that there were quite a few bookshelves attached on the wall, encouraging book readers to come and spend their time doing what they love along with some unique food and beverages.

Well, now that the interiors are talked about, it’s time to talk about the food.

We ordered 3 items , Dirty Chai Latte, Rainbow Sandwich And Borgia Coffee. All of these were their signature dishes. Each one of them were a combination of a variety of items.

Dirty Chai Latte

The dirty chai latte caught my attention due to its quirky name and the combination of an espresso shot and tea as it’s ingredients . This was something I had never tried before and I was quite excited to taste it. Served with these buttery cookies, the dirty chai latte did fullfill my expectations. Coffee and tea combined with a dash of cinnamon is definitely refreshing for the taste buds and it satisfies your chai and coffee cravings at one shot. Must Try.

Borgia Coffee

Weird name right ? This one’s for those who love the bitter side of coffee and need an extra dose of the espresso once in a while, but, with a twist. Borgia Coffee had a layer of Hot chocolate with espresso shots, topped with mouth watering whipped cream, some cinnamon and orange peels . Interesting, isn’t it ? Well, if you’re willing to try something new then this one’s for you.

Rainbow Sandwich

This one was suggested by the team of Cafe Runway and it surely lived up to its name. The sandwich was stuffed with the basic vegetables, but, the different colours and flavours of the sauces used was what made me go YUMMMM..!! Also, the lovely presentation made it very eye pleasing . Recommended.

So, this was my experience at Cafe Runway and it was surely good. Would definitely visit again. If you’re visiting the cafe, let me know about your experience and favourite dish in the comments below.


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