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How I met My Armaan ❤️

How do you feel when you’ve wished for something since so long, and those wishes are turned into a Reality and everything feels like a dream and you’re not sure if it actually happened or not. Well, something exactly like this happened with me recently.

My 22nd birthday was upcoming and my family kept asking me, what gift do you want from us and I always kept saying ” Armaan Malik”, ” Bring him home for my party”, “I want to sing with him , even if it’s just one song”, and I kept saying this every time someone asked me about my gift ( Although I never had a second thought if it would actually come true) . All of this went on for quite sometime.

Then , on the 26th of June , while I was at Lonavala with my best friend , I got a notification, “Armaan Malik Tweeted”. And here it was, the tweet informing us about the meet and greet. I was so overjoyed that I instantly registered for it and continued my day at Della Adventures.

After coming back, I made a birthday video for him and applied again, with a different email id. Deep inside, I knew I would meet him no matter what and I knew I would definitely get the call. A total of 100 fans were to receive an email and a call confirming their invitation for the Meet and Greet that was scheduled for 30th June, just a day before my actual birthday. As overjoyed as I was, I had already started planning what outfit would I wear when I go there, what should I take for him , etc etc. Although I hadn’t received the call yet. But here I was, confident and I believed that I would definitely meet him for sure.

So, on the 29th of June, it was somewhere around 3:00pm when I got the call saying that I was selected for the meet and greet, I was so overjoyed and I felt so good. Then after 30 mins I got another call, saying the same thing . Well, I had applied twice and I got selected twice 🙈 ( Being the generous person I am , I called and informed them that I had received two invites as there were many people wanting to meet him and one more could get the chance )

Deciding on what to take for him , my mom suggested that I take a cake and request him to cut It with me since it was my Birthday the next day. And it didn’t hurt to celebrate it in Advance :p . I was a little skeptical about the cake as I felt it would be so awkward carrying a big cake there, but then I thought who cares what people think, Let’s do this . ( and I tried being confident about it the entire time )

Finally , the Day had arrived. 30th June, 2018, Meet And greet at Taj Lands End, Bandra. As nervous and excited I was, I felt a different feeling inside me . A feeling of confidence and Happiness, that no one could take away from me. It was my chance, to meet him and I couldn’t waste it by being emotional and nervous. I wanted to live that moment to the fullest and be confident enough so I could be myself in front of him. I reached there at around 1:30, and here I was in a queue , waiting to enter the hall where the program was arranged.

The program started at 2:15, RJ Karan came and started interacting with all of us, there was a Trivia and we were having a fun time, while all of our eyes were near the doors, from where he would enter . During the interaction RJ Karan ( Radio city) , questioned the fans about what they had got for Armaan. So I stood up with my cake and Card, and I told him, that I’ve got the cake since it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I wish to cut it with Armaan. And he made everyone sing Happy Birthday for me ( Armaan was yet to come at this point ).

So finally at around 3:00, He entered . And we all were in Awe. He looked handsome as ever and his Charming self radiated such positive vibes since the moment he entered. When he first came on the stage, in the beginning itself , the Host told him that there’s a birthday girl as well and the way he asked , who’s birthday is it , my heart went so loud and in my mind I thought , it’s now or never. So I stood up and he asked my name , and there were so many butterflies in my stomach but I kept my calm , and he said he’ll sing a birthday song for me in a short while. After this, he sang a few songs for us , songs like Main Rahoon ya Na Rahoon, which always gives us those feels, the combo of his voice and Amaal’s music is something which will always be an EPIC pairing .

In between his songs , Leeza Mangaldas was calling out random seat numbers that were selected in the lucky draw. Even at that moment I somehow knew , that my seat number will be called. I had a very positive feeling about it. And guess what, the second seat number to be called on stage was mine. I was so excited to go up there that I didn’t even carry my cake . Then someone from their team told him that I’ve got the cake as well and then i went back and got the cake. Here I was , on stage , arranging the cake while deep inside I was overjoyed and happy on some other level.

Finally, the time came. When we cut the cake and he sang the birthday song for me . In that moment I felt as if all my wishes had been fulfilled and I didn’t want anything else in life ( that’s not true though :p I have a lot to achieve yet ) . When he fed me the cake it felt like, only we both were present in that moment and I forgot that there was an audience present. I was the happiest.

Then finally, when he asked me if I had a song request, I chose “Mai Hoon Hero Tera” and I also told him I wanted to sing with him. While he was singing with me he passed me the mic and I sang just a part of it and I felt so happy that all I’ve ever wished for came true and it didn’t feel real.

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He’s such a humble person, no one would celebrate a Fan’s Birthday in such a grand way and make them feel so special . That moment made me so special and till date I feel blessed and privileged to have first handedly experienced the love in return from someone whom I’ve admired since a long long time. I wish for everyone to get an idol as BEST as ARMAAN is 🌹. And , to add Icing on the cake , he even gave us goodies, a small glimpse of what his merchandise is going to be like. This is so thoughtful and amazing. The goodie bag also had a poster which is now stuck on one of my doors and a small cute badge that I’ve paired up with one of my jackets.

Also a huge thanks to the team of Smule and one digital entertainment for organising this event and for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dream. And a huge thanks to the entire team who were present and helped making the event successful.

Thank you Armaan,

Lots of love ❤️

– Disha Chandreja

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