The Coffee Heaven – Coorg

Coffee – Listening to the sound of this word gives chills to a coffee lover and makes them crave about their next cup of coffee.


I’ve always been a coffee lover ever since I’ve had my first cup. The aroma, the strong taste of it lingering on your lips and the feeling of adrenaline and happiness after having the first sip of a good coffee is indescribable. Coffee is and will always be my first love. Every person who loves coffee would understand the state in which i’m writing this article and for all those who would think that I’m exaggerating, You haven’t had your life changing coffee experience yet..!!! Like everything, even Coffee has its pros and cons. Too much of anything can harm you. Hence, i would not advise anyone to overdose on the number of cups in a day and rather enjoy it within limits.

I was always curious as to how this beautiful thing is made. What goes into its growth and how there are different varieties of coffee and different ways of roasting and stuff like that. Recently, when i heard about Coorg, India, being one of the largest supplier of coffee with huge coffee estates, i decided that my next adventure should be where the answers to my curiosity lies. And here i was, on a road trip from Bangalore to Coorg. We booked a homestay in the middle of the coffee estates to have the best of our experience. Exploring Coorg and coming across so many coffee estates, learning about different types of coffee beans, was an amazing experience in itself.


Looking at how the coffee plant grew, right from small green buds, to huge Red ripe cherries inside which resides the great coffee bean. When we look at a Coffee Bean, it’s usually Brown. But, the original bean is always Green. The Brown coffee beans that we usually see are the result of roasting. Different methods of roasting enhances its taste and aroma differently. That’s the reason why every coffee tastes and smells different. The quality of the coffee depends on the roasters, the way they do it and at the temperature they do it.


In the above images you can see, the stages of the coffee plant. Right from the green buds, to fully grown riped cherries inside of which lies the green coffee beans.

The images below show you the coffee beans, before and after roasting. The green coffee beans are the actual coffee beans and the instant coffee that we drink today is the result of finely roasting and processing these coffee beans. The quality being changed.


One of the most interesting things that i came across during my coffee exploration was a coffee that goes by the name of , “KOPI LUWAK”. It is the most expensive coffee in the world. But, when you hear about what goes into its making, you’ll be as surprised as I was when i first read about it. It is made from “CAT POOP”. Strange, isn’t it? As claimed by the founders, it is believed that the Civet Cat, when eats the pulp of the Coffee plant, the beans are hard to digest and those beans pass through the digestive system of the Cat and they become healthier with more anti oxidant properties and other enzymes that they get from the cat. These beans are then collected from the Poop of the cat and cleaned, processed and then turned into your regular Cup of Coffee.


This is how it looks. The “KOPI LUWAK” Coffee, in the image above, is after it is collected from the cat poop, cleaned and then made ready to consume.


We found this at a cafe, named “The Big Up Cafe” which was located right beside the Woodstock villas. This coffee was made right in the coffee plantations of the Woodstock Villas.

Well, nature is surely very exciting and beautiful. If you’re Curious, everything becomes interesting. My curiosity took me to Coorg, explore yourself and see where your curiosity takes you.

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2 thoughts on “The Coffee Heaven – Coorg”

  1. I love south Indian filter coffee, and also the highlight of my trip to Coorg was also the steaming cup of coffee.
    The authentic taste is what made me fall in love
    I would surely try this place on my next visit!
    Great write up!

    Liked by 1 person

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