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Music on My Mind 

What do you do when you’re bored ? When you have no one to talk to you ? When you need to vent out those emotions that you’re holding in ? When you want to express something but you’re not good at words? Music does it all for you.

Well, for me , Music is my companion in all such tasks. I know avid readers would relate to this with respect to books. But I’m not an avid reader so Music works fine for me. And it not only works fine , it is the best thing in the world. Even now as I’m writing this out , it was music that inspired me to come out and express.

Since a long time I’ve been thinking of starting a blog, but couldn’t decide on what topic shoud I write my first blog on. And now , while listening to Pillowtalk, with its each beat louder than my heartbeat, and each of its words hitting harder than a falling meteor, here I am just expressing what music means to me.


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Well, it is something that expresses my emotion in my every mood swing. Right from wanting to dance on Cheap thrills one minute to wanting to perform a concert on Same Old Love, it has every beat for every moment.

I’m a person of imagination and imagining things means a lot to me. I love imaginging scenarios, either performing on stage in a glamourous costume or dancing in the rain with my celebrity crush or crazy dancing on my best friend’s wedding, these are just a few of them which music fulfills it for me.

Well, the more you write about it , the less it is. Listening and Singing are the two best things in life and even if you can’t sing , just Do IT… it will definitely make you feel better in any situation of life..CHEERS 🤓

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